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My name is Rick G.

I am an audio alchemist.

I treat every track as though it were my last...

     Drawing on 20 years of musical experience, as well as a decade of studio and live engineering across the world, I offer you something unique. A nearly limitless musical pallette to draw from to help you create your very best musical product, a product for the discerning clientele.


     I specialize in the clientele who wants the next level in their production. I offer a unique musical expertise few producers can offer. Not only am I a very capable engineer, but also a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and arranger and a graduate of the prestigious University of North Texas College of Music which produced the likes of Norah Jones and Snarky Puppy, ect.


      Whether it be extensive editing, or scoring your music for Symphony Orchestra, I'm willing to push to the limits for your project- what I call musical alchemy. Taking chances, being creative.


    In short, I don't just record your music. I make sure it can be the best it can possibly be, from one musician to another, I know important your music is, therefore I treat is as my own.

David Prater

Dream Theatre - Santana - Firehouse

"Rick has the potential go further than anyone because he is above everything else a great musician. If you're not a great musician and call yourself an engineer/'re neither."

Maor Appelbaum

Halford - Sepultura - Malmsteen

"Working with Rick was fun, creative and brought in good vibes.

Rick communicates great with the clients and the people involved in the production.


He went above and beyond the call of duty to insure the client was happy

Even when it meant going the other direction and having to change things drastically - He was open to the clients needs and delivered what was expected."