Studio Production

I locate the best deals on studio rooms to fit your budget. I utilize many of my personal and professional resources to get you into the best studio you can get.


I track, edit, re-arrange, sculpt, mix and master your project either in my home edit bay or on any of the vintage consoles and gear offered by the network of studios I work with.


I utilize all popular forms of editing- Pitch Correction, Drum Replacement, ect.

Arrangement Services

I am widely trained musician, and I enjoy to use every bit of my training on each and every record I touch. I offer many services in arrangement while utilizing the latest software and techniques.


String Arrangement

Horn Arrangement

Vocal Arrangement

SATB Arrangement

Full Orchestral Arrangement

Remixing Services

If you find that you are not happy with the sound of your current production, I may be able to help. I can apply numerous techniques to get your tones sounding better, quite often with favorable results.


Howver, I am no miracle worker. Somethings just cannot be fixed, but I'll try like hell.

Musical Services

I am available to play the following instruments on your record.


  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Cello

  • Bass (upright and electric)

  • Guitar (many styles)

  • Drums

  • Percussion

  • Keys (Piano, B3, ect.)

  • Vocal Harmonies


I typically work on a flat rate schedule, though this fee can go up or down based on my mood. ;-)


$350/song - (tracking, edit, mix, master)


add $50 per song if you need me to play an instrument (flat fee)

add $50 per song if you want me to employ time intensive production


Artist pays the studio rental fee

(if applicable, but will be negotiated WELL in advanceto be sure it's financially viable)